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Slow Motion Questions
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I'm relatively new to all this high-quality video you youngsters are talking about here. But I'm willing to learn. I cannot understand the slow motion part very well. When I choose slow motion, I get a brief screen that pops up and says 1024-4k or something along those lines.  I'm pretty sure about the 4k part.

I cannot find anywhere to adjust this so that I can get the 240 fps slow motion that is so sweet looking.

Can someone please tell me how this works and what I should be doing to get to the different slow motion settings. I have looked in the pro settings and elsewhere and cannot figure this out.

Please forgive me if my english is poor, I am from Tasmania and English is not my first language so thank you for baring with me.


(I do not post my last name because it has - how do you say? - too many consonants and not enough vowels.  Thank you)
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Quinnea, I believe the 240 fps is only possible in 1080p.  Search topics here for more information.  BTW, we visited Tasmania last February and LOVED it!
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Hi, qsteele93. Thanks for reaching out! There are two options that you can choose when shooting SlowMotion. The DJI Pocket 2 can shoot in SlowMotion in 1080p/120fps (for 4x) or 1080p/240fps (for 8x). To switch between speeds, just swipe left again once you have selected SlowMotion.
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