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Osmo Action Camera - Much needed features
66 1 1-11 08:14
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As a new "action Camera Osmo user" I really miss some few settings.

-A "Flightmode" setting.
The camera needs it, this camera eats battery's for breakfast, the ability to save some battery would be nice.
-The ability to turn off the wifi (basically flightmode setting)

The reason we need the ability to turn of wifi:
You designed the camera with two screens, it don't need a third screen (like a phone) to see what's going on.
Also, when I'm out diving or skiing, it's either to wet or to cold for me to reach for my phone - connect to the camera - fix some settings - and then film.
I have my three custom settings and that's all I need. I don't need my camera to connect to my phone all the time, just when I'm finished filming  and want to transfer pictures to my phone wirelessly.

A final thing,
-the ability to turn off the 5 second timer when you start a time-lapse.

Thank you for your attention, and almost perfect product. Have a great day.
1-11 08:14
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United States

Don't forget a wider 170 field of view would be nice as well as a bluetooth remote that can control multiple cameras and maybe horizon leveling would be cool.
but the biggest thing for me as a kayak fisherman would be a option for a wider FOV and a remote control.
it would be nice to disable WIFI and Bluetooth if not needed as those things also contribute to overheating.

I was hoping they would announce a OSMO Action 2 at CES but.....
1-12 10:21
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