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Another Boat Question
682 2 2015-7-4
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So, now that I know we can launch from boats does anyone take any special precautions for protecting the UAV?  I think I remember seeing someone put foam balls on the landing gear so that it could float and I was just curious how much that would affect the flight performance.  Anyway, if anyone has any other ideas, lets discuss.
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You don't want to be landing the Inspire on water regardless of what you may have seen on YouTube, especially in open water with swells as it will easily flip and also you will get salt water spray if its floating on the surface for any time.

I also suspect that the size of floats that you would need to keep it high enough out of the water would result in them being picked up on the camera unless the camera is pitched downward.

Taking off and landing back onto a boat is inherently risky anyway so you would have to be getting paid good fees to do it.  Just remember that in open water, the boat is rolling constantly if you need to land it back onto the deck, this will be amplified on smaller boats.  This is why Pilots in the Navy also have to consider the ship rolling when returning to the deck, not as easy at it sounds.

I have seen people hand grabbing the Phantom model UAV when bringing them back to a boat, but not something to be considered with the Inspire.
You also have to consider other poeple on the boat and what emergency precautions you would implement when landing, to ensure their safety and keep them away from the aircraft until it is made safe by powering down the engines and switching off the battery.

Just my views ....

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GB44 Posted at 2015-7-5 02:50
You don't want to be landing the Inspire on water regardless of what you may have seen on YouTube, e ...

This is 1 of the best replies, if not the best i have seen in this forum !
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