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litchi camera tilting
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United States

Litcfhi missions used to work perfect; then about six months ago... camera tilts up and down continuously during flight; anyone else? soloutions?
1-16 15:37
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United Kingdom

Might be worth asking Litchi support this question.
1-18 02:41
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DJI Stephen
Super Moderator


Hello there Dave. I am sorry for the trouble this has caused and thank you for reaching out. Since this is a 3rd party application ( Litchi ) I hope that you will get the best information from our fellow DJI co pilots who are using the said application and with regards to this matter. Just a reminder that DJI does not recommend for you to your 3rd party application like Litchi when flying your DJI Drones. These 3rd party applications might affect the said DJI drone when in use. There is a possibility that these 3rd party applications will be able work but, since it's not tested by DJI we cannot guaranteed the stability of the said 3rd party applications if it will work all the time with no issues and might void the warranty of the said DJI product. Thank you and have a safe flight always.
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United Kingdom

Maybe if you add some new features like waypoints on the mini 2 we would not need to use third party apps? Just a idea.
3-23 10:56
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