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Inspire, great word.....
884 0 2014-11-23
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United Kingdom

Hello all,

Just thinking "Inspire" is a great word!

Me; 52yrs old, previous almost zero experience of RC equipment, saw a P2 flying for the 1st time late May and thought WOW, after a lot, far too much time on the internet brought in June a P2, Zenmuse, GoPro 3+ black (first time with a GoPro as well), FPV etc and loved it from the start, the filming/flying/tech side, yes I've upgraded to a H3-3D, GoPro 4 Black, better tx with cloverleaf antennas and I still just go out to fly for fun/learn.

I knew almost from the start if I can make a living even a modest one this is what I want to do, signed up and paid £1600.00 to take my CAA test for commercial RPAS pilots here in UK.

And now an Inspire 1, I know it's not a S800/900/1000, but I can't afford that ATM, one day I hope to have a 900, Z15 and a Panasonic GH4 or whatever is suitable at the time. But the Inspire 1 does it for me, yes there may be questions/queries about 4k quality, redundancy etc etc

Most projects launched whatever they may be, have teething problems.

So I've pre-ordered one through Heliguys in the UK, and I really look forward to flying it! So THANKS to DJI and all the people who helped get it off the ground (so to speak), and of course forums and the people on it offering their experience and knowledge to help others.
Cheers Mark and safe flying.

Use props
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