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Second Operator Package?
809 1 2015-7-6
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What is everyone using for their second radio controller?  My S900 will be controlled with a Futaba 14SG, but I don’t think a $600 controller is necessary for just the camera operator.  I’m looking for something reliable and compatible with a Lightbridge and monitor setup (mounted on controller).  Any advice to how you mount the monitor and Lightbridge unit to the controller would be helpful as well!

Also, how many of you run a dedicated camera that only faces forward for the pilot to use?  What is my best option for this and what other supporting modifications would this require?  Thanks in advance

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I run the Futaba 10 on my 900 and 1000's for the camera. I know others also run the Futaba 8. For the monitor I use 2 different set is a lily HD monitor mounted on a telescopic camera stand connected to the LB and I use a GH4 camera. On my GH3 set up I use an LG Android tablet and my Android phone is my back up. My LB is attached to my 14SG  flight controller (you can buy mounts for this) and I have a clip mount for my phone on my 14 SG as well. The LG tablet has a magnetic strip on the back and mounts on a swivel device so the camera person can move around when the sun is washing out the view. For FPV I run the Fatshark 600 camera which is wired through the Mark II OSD and an Immersion 600 Tx. I use the Dominator V2 googles sometimes or another monitor depending on what I want to film. Hope this helps

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