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Got my battery today
647 1 2015-7-6
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United States

Ordered 1 P3 battery directly from DJI on June 8 and received this morning July 6 via Fed Ex.
After I ordered it from DJI I have since obtained 3 other P3 batts from local dealers, for a total now of 5 including the original.

Because I already had the other batts I didn't really need this last one but let the order proceed to see how long it would take (and because another extra wouldn't hurt of course.)

Hopefully supply is now catching up with demand and other spare parts such as cameras and gimbals will begin coming available.  Then maybe they can start working on adding POI, etc.

A quick reminder to multiple battery owners to label your batts as soon as you get them in order to be able to identify them in the future.

Also should note that my newer batts I have babied and tried to follow the basic battery break in protocol as described in other threads such as only discharging to 50% for the first 10 uses.  But the original battery I totally abused due to ignorance.  I ran it completely down straight out of the box, charged it and would leave on the charger overnight, or leave it at 100% for days on end.  However, in looking over the history and in actual use, I cannot see any appreciable harm having been done to it.  Perhaps it will have a significantly shorter lifespan than my other batts, only time will tell. But perhaps also they are more robust than we give them credit for.

I also charged the batt and RC on the same charger simultaneously a couple times before I read that DJI advises against that.  But again, no noticeable problems yet.

Have any of you noticed any problems with batteries or chargers that you would attribute to not following the generally accepted protocols?

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United States

Thanks for the info! and to answer your question I charge my batteries pretty often and haven't followed any of the discharge to 50 or not leave at 100 rules with no perceivable negative effects. The only 2 rules I follow carefully are 1.Making sure the battery is cool to the touch before recharging and 2.Only charging the battery or remote, never both at the same time. Thanks again for the info and I'm excited to get some more batteries for more flight
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