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Finally Found the Right Ribbon Cable for the Camera/Gimbal
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United States

Hey All,

Just thought I would post this and maybe help others with the frustration that we experienced.

My son has a DJI Phantom 3 Standard and crashed it... Like many, the camera/gimbal tore off and took out the connecting cables.  In the process of repairing, we inadvertantly tore the ribbon cable.  We couldn't find a factory original DJI replacement and none of the aftermarket cables were working for us.  We would install them and the camera was transmitting but the gimbal was dead.

Finally, we thought to search by the part number printed on the original DJI cable:  P01171.07

We realized, looking at the aftermarket cables that they were differing part numbers like P01171.04, P01171.06, etc... None of them worked.

Searching Amazon for P01171.07, brought us to a TAOKE Flexible Gimbal Flat Cable for DJI Phantom 3 SE.

The link is here: TAOKE Flexible Gimbal Cable Flat Ribbon Flex Cable for DJI Phantom 3 SE: Toys & Games

You can see by looking at the pictures that it has the same part number as the original: P01171.07.  We received the cable and it works perfectly!  So, for those of you seeking this hard to find cable, we wanted to share that THIS IS THE ONE!

Best of luck to all with your repairs and continued enjoyment of your DJI drone!

1-27 09:21
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DJI Stephen
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Hello there Therclan. Thank you for sharing these information and for posting your experience with regards to this matter. Again, thank you for your support and fly safe always.
1-27 19:47
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