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DJI Fly with Nvidia Shield K1 Tablet
882 2 2021-1-30
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I was flying my Spark and Phantom SE wihtout issues on DJI Go 4 and DJI GO without issues using my Nvidia Shield K1 Tablet.
Picked up a Mini 2 yesterday, was just getting everything set up and I find that DJI FLY is not in the Play Store.  Now I had done SOME research ahead of time,
and saw that DJI Fly required Andoid 6 or higher and a 64Bit processor.  I mistakeningly thought/recalled that the Tegra K1 processor in the Shield was 64Bit,
alas it's not, it's 32.  I have to say, I am pretty bumbed.  I bought this specific table because if it's processor, it's a gaming tablet and even with it's age, kicks
ass for a stand alone drone tablet.  It's sad that DJI decided to develop new software for a cost effective drone that requires such a NON cost effective tablet.
Do you folks thing there is any change they will do an update in the future to DJI Fly that will incompass 32Bit processors?  I see a lot of anger over this, but that
doesn't seem to mean anything with DJI.  

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Hi, Mhinc. Thanks for reaching out! As of the time being, there's no current plan to support 32-bit Android Devices for the DJI Fly since it was mainly based on an ArmV8 64-bit architecture. For the suggested Android Devices, we recommend referring to the listed items here:

Thank you for your kind understanding.
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DJI Fly has been out for 14 months with no 32 bit variant, so I would say a 32 bit version is not in the cards.
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