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Wuji TianYuen Temple | DJI Mavic Air 2 Cinematic Footage in 4K HDR
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Flight distance : 1383550 ft

Wuji Tianyuen Temple, one of best temples in Taiwan ! Really beautiful especially during the time of the cherry blossoms. Definitely go on a clear-blue sky day. The temple also gives free books and artifacts. There are hiking trails as well if you interested. Take the one with the cherry blossoms. It is really beautiful.
Wuji Tianyuan Temple has just become a tourist attraction in northern Taiwan over the recent years due to the romantic and heavenly sight of cheery blossoms dancing in the wind in February and March. It is said that these cherry trees were planted by a hundred volunteer workers in 1970.

2-6 00:38
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DJI Stephen
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Hello there mavicair2tw. Thank you for reaching out and for posting this fantastic video you have filmed over the Wuji TianYuen Temple in Taiwan. The temple looks amazing from the air. Great work and keep on flying. .
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