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Unable to shot floor or sky on portrait mode
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Hi, how can I shot the sky or the floor in portrait mode?Only with the POV mode is possible to shoot the floor, but the problem is that it's loosing the horizon. The follow mode has a software limitation, seems like it stops at +30° and - 30°.
I don't understand this limitation, we have a movement window of 60°, why?
I want to shoot the floor or sky without loosing the horizon, basically as the follow mode in landscape mode.
2-7 02:45
Use props

Once you are in portrait mode, cycle through the gimbal modes so you go past FPV mode and into Follow mode - then it will work the way you want.  It seems you have to do that to make it work.  If you are in horizontal follow mode, then go to portrait mode, the gimbal gets confused until you go through the mode options to kind of reset it.
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Use props
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