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M100 and Arduino
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Dear All,

I need some advice. Recently we purchased a DJI Matric 100 for research purposes.
We try to couple a Geiger-Muller detector to the drone and use the data generated by the flight-controller, specifically the gps-coordinated, to make a dose rate map.
The Geiger-Muller is read by a Arduino UNO system, so therefore we also want to couple the M100 to the same Arduino. Until now we were able to enable the API control using the DJI Assistant 2, couple the UART to the Arduino (via GND,TX and RX) and read a signal which is send by the M100.
However, the signal looks encrypted. Even after may attempts (changing baud rate etc.). The signal is not making any sense.
Could somebody please advise us on how we can read the signal coming from the M100 using an Arduino system. I read it is possible but until now we didn’t manage to convert it to a correct format. Is the signal really encrypted, is there still something wrong with the settings of the M100, or is the signal corrupted?
Many thanks for your reaction...
2-8 03:15
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South Africa

Why not get data through onboard SDK? The API port on the airplane is used for communication between the airplane and the onboard computer. The communication uses the SDK protocol. This means that these data can be obtained by calling the SDK API.
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