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M300 RTK Abnormal gimbal rotation
55 1 2-9 09:41
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I try to solve this for a week now and still no clue. I need my M300 (with an H20) to perfom a grid picture (a set of picture at different gimbal rotation, like the high res function in DJI PILOT). When the drone is on the ground everything works well but when I take off the drone rotate instead of the gimbal (acutally the gimbal rotate and immediatly after the drone follows).

In practice I use
gimbal.rotate(new Rotation.Builder().yaw((float)((dy - i*dy/nbr_shot)))
                                                 .pitch((float)((dx - i*dx/nbr_shot)))

And I tried to put the gimbal in the different modes with :
gimbal.setMode(GimbalMode.YAW_FOLLOW, null);
(There is no error, I checked with a callback)
And the result is  : YAW_FOLLOW and FPV, the drone moves as described before
                           FREE, the gimbal struggle to reset and impossible to use for my application

It should be possible since the high res function do it but I don't find any parameters in the gimbal to solve this. How can I do?
I also submitted a ticket on github but never get any answer. It's urgent please
2-9 09:41
Use props
Mats Bohlinsson


I posted a solution in your other thread. Please let me know if it helps
2-13 10:35
Use props
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