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PSDK power supply
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Hello, friends!

I've recently purchased M300 for an industrial inspection solution. My payload consumes quite a lot of power, around 130W and I can already get 96W from the OSDK port.
According to the M300 manual (page 38), I should be able to get the remaining power I need from the PSDK port. But I can't find the pinout for the PSDK port to understand where this power coming out. Moreover, it seems like I need to initialize the PSDK in order to get more power on this port.

Do you know if it's possible to get more (if any) power from the PSDK port of M300 and how can it be done without initializing the SDK itself?

Thank you in advance,
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2-12 08:52
Use props

South Africa

if want to get 17v power from the PSDK port ,the PSDK is needed to apply for high power.
2-18 02:46
Use props
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