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Tethered Control Handle for DJI RS menu button dont work
690 2 2-14 22:39
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Probably after the update of my DJI RS2 the menu button no longer works. The green light stays on at node1. When I press the button on the Tethered Handle
nothing changes. If I press the menu button on the RS2, I can change from node1 to node3. Only the sport mode of the menu button works on the
Tethered Control Handle. Someone with the same problem?

Is it possible to do a firmware update of the tethered handle control ?
2-14 22:39
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I am having the same problem trying to find solution.
4-24 17:33
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Flight distance : 27956 ft

Download the latest firmware at:

Follow the below tips to update :
1.After downloading the firmware via our official website:
Please Unzip the compressed package and get the bin file:
2.Connect the USB-A end of the USB-C data cable to the computer first
3.Then while holding down the M button and the recording button, please connect the USB-C end of the USB-C data cable to the Type-C port of the DJI Tethered control handle
4.At this time, the 123 configuration indicator of the control handle is displayed in red, and the computer will display the drive letter of the DJI Tethered control handle.
4.Put the bin file directly into the root directory of its drive letter, then the 123 configuration indicator light is off, and the firmware upgrade is completed

If problems, ik can mail you the mail i got from DJI,
Greetings Yves
4-25 03:00
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