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My first experience with Pocket 2
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Second Officer
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when DJI pocket 2 came out, I wanted it badly and finally, I got it creator combo. I wanna share my first experience with it.
1. it's small and cute. really pocket size.
2. stabilization is great.
3. Dynamic range is impressive.
4. 4K Video is detailed.
5. ActiveTrack works well, but it's not great.
6. Wireless Audio Works Well.

7. Autofocus is not stable.
8. I don't see any major difference between 16MP and 64MP except RAW file size, 30MB vs 120MB.
9. I understand that this is a video camera first and then a photo one, but DJI doesn't use the full potential of a big 1/1.7" image sensor. it can be a great photo camera.
10. Image quality needs improvement. a better hardware and software optimization. my iPhone 11 camera sensor is much smaller 1/2.55" and the footage has better clarity and colors.
11. HDR Video is useless. my Osmo action takes way better HDR Video. Please, DJI, improve it or remove it.
12. no 4K time-lapse (. I love time-lapse videos.
13. manual focus would have been great with focus peaking in the Mimo app, but it doesn't have it.

2-16 19:48
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DJI Stephen
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Hello there davitzakari. Thank you for purchasing the DJI Pocket 2 and for sharing your first experience with the said DJI Camera. This valued information that you have given will be noted. Again, thank you for your support and keep on filming.
2-16 20:40
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Marty Markoe
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Totally agree with 7,8,9,10. Have learned it's important to manual focus by tapping screen. Although I'm an experienced digital photography creator with Photoshop/Lightroom, I found jpeg better quality than DNG RAW.
2-17 08:20
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I agree on all points. Especially 7 to 12! It’s frustrating sometimes how random and less though through DJI develops features for the cameras. Doesn’t feel very cohesive and logical :-/
2-18 09:06
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