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Versatile programmable gimbal movements
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Hi, Mimo improvement request here.  I would very much like the ability to program gimbal movements for videos, similar to the ability to do it in Motionlapse with even more options.  Kind of like a hybrid of the options with Motionlapse and the simple options of Story mode.  Here's the list of features I believe would make this super simple, easy to use, highly versatile and so much more useful.

1:  Add an option in the Video section similar to the Motionlapse option (or possibly add more options in Story mode)
2.  Perhaps an alternative to #1 would be to additionally allow realtime options (30/60fps) options in the Motionlapse section instead of the 0.5sec being the fastest option
3:  Allow setting of waypoints and time frame for each transition. (more then 4 waypoints please!)
4.  Allow for ability to change pan, tilt AND twist for each waypoint. (Motionlapse does not currently  allow for twist)
5.  Another alternative would be to improve the gimble motion options and customizability in the Story mode templates. Thanks!

This would make things much simpler and more versatile and leaves me much more able to get the shots that I want without being.

Also, please give us further customization options of editing existing Story mode templates, such as text editing, transitions, etc

2-25 07:10
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DJI Stephen
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Hello there Christougher. Good day and thank you for sharing your valued insights with regards to this matter. I will cascade and forward this thread to the designated DJI department for further attention. All significant suggestions or requests will be implemented after the evaluation of the DJI Engineers. For the latest updates on DJI, please stay tuned to our DJI official website at Thank you and please stay safe always.
2-25 18:56
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