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how compatible DJI FPV equipment is with other drones?
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Republic of Lithuania

Hello. I am getting into drones and now considering to wait for DJI FPV drone or built my custom FPV drone. Since I have never flown a drone before, I would assume that it would be better to build a custom drone first and learn how to fly before buying DJI product since if I crash it, the chances are that the consequences will be much more expensive. However, I still have a few questions:

1. Are the newest DJI FPV goggles compatible with any drone that I built? Can someone help me understand how does that work? For example. when I am building a drone, I must put a certain radio chip in there so it can communicate with the goggles?

2. Is the DJI controller compatible with custom FPV drones? The reason why I ask that, is because when I learn how to fly FPV drones, I will probably eventually move on to DJI drones. That would save me from buying a 2nd controller and 2nd pair of goggles since I already bought them before.

3. When I am building a custom FPV drone, I may build it using analog fpv camera. Will I be able use that with DJI FPV goggles? Or I must use DJI digital camera together with air unit?

I have initially considered getting a mavic air 2, but then realised that its not working with FPV goggles so this was a dealbreaker for me.

I have watched this video:

and from watching other FPV drone videos with analog cameras, I cant stop questioning myself - how the hell can some of the drone pilots do such tricks and maneuvre so well when the video quality preview is worse than 144p video?  I mean I can barelly see tree branches and bushes watching their preview and I am not even talking about random glitches/blackouts when you fly behind a tree or some cover. The quality is ridiculous comparing to DJI FPV digital.

I am very new to this, appreciate all the information!

2-25 22:18
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Alex Zhang
Flight distance : 917848 ft

I have the same kind of questions as you. I bought DJI FPV Combo and I want to buy a custom FPV drone to practise, not sure if the goggle and controller works for third party camera and drones.
I think you can move your threat to the product (DJI FPV). There is more activity than here.
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