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Reporting illegal spammers to the Feds
906 2 2-27 15:43
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Seeing as there are several fake accounts here in the forum that repeatedly make posts that attempt to sell fake passports, counterfeit money, drugs, etc I wanted to share a link to the US Government’s State department where these illegal spam posts can be submitted for investigation by Federal law enforcement. From what I hear they take this seriously.
Here is a link with a place to submit reports at the bottom of the page.....
Hopefully this will be useful and help rid this forum of these types of accounts.
2-27 15:43
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Thanks for sharing.  Hopefully it will do some good especially since DJI Mods don't seem to care about the forum spamming.
3-28 04:46
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Thank you for contacting DJI. We will forward this to the engineers for evaluation.
6-19 10:36
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