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Before the Inspire 1 ... What happened to P2V+ v3.0?
785 1 2014-11-24
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Hello folks,

Q: "What has happened with the release of p2v+ 3?"
I saw a few upgraded transmitter links ... but even those have died down...

I was anticipating more talks and pics of the Phantom 2 Vision + v3.0...
What happened to this unit.... Did inspire 1 just over shadow it.?
I was wanting to move up to the inspre 1 gradually and the p2v+ v3.0 was in my sights.. now i hardly ever see any posts or topics?

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What do you mean with what happend to the P2v+ 3.0?  The v3.0 is the latest version with the upgraded remote with integrated lipo battery, new shielded compass etc.. I think this newest version is already in the DJI shop

The inspire has nothing to do with it, its just a different class, more expansive.
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