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Can two apps access the drone?
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Hi All
I am thinking about creating an app that would get the state of the drone, and perform certain tasks on Android while using the DJI fly App
Like Monitoring the distance, and sounding an alarm when it is a specific distance away, or getting location data from the drone, and geofencing an area.

Since I have a Mavic Air 2, I would like to implement this while using the DJI Fly App

So is it possible for me to use the DJI Fly app to control the drone while another app in the background accesses the drone SDK?
3-11 11:42
Use props
Mats Bohlinsson
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No, that's not possible. Checkout the ux demo app if you want to do something fast.

Thats said, if you use an older dji fly app you might be able to tail the logs, and extract the info you looking for.

I havn't tried it myself, it was just an idea that popped up :-)

On the later dji fly apps the logs is encrypted. Thats very bad dji. They were really good to have for all sort of things!
3-15 13:33
Use props
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