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basic SDK import and reg: keystore errors
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Hi. I am trying to get the ImportSDKDemo up and running on android.

I install on my Pixel2 and registration fails with the API error message "The metadata received from server is invalid, please reconnect to the server and try."

The network is up and I've double-checked my bundle ID and App Key is valid.

Right above the registration fail I see a ton of KeyStore exceptions: "com.dji.importSDKDemo W/KeyStore: KeyStore exception"

I've found a lot of references to this error pattern online here and here:

I've also found this forum thread where someone suggests adding applicationId to app/build.gradle:

However that doesn't fix the issue either.

Has anybody else seen and solved this, and is there an actual working DJI-maintained codebase out there that can at least build and run the SDK sample?

I'm using recent downloads:
Android Studio 4.1.2

the project is downloaded from

3-15 17:30
Use props
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