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Coordinated Turn (S-Mode)
2733 1 2021-3-16
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there is an option in Settings/Control for Coordinated Turn (S-Mode) = Large (default) , Small, Disable.

I understand this is supposed to mix roll/yaw, i.e. you just roll (?) and it will automatically mix in some yaw  - correct?

but when I experimented with this it didn't really seem to do that much.
(its possible , when I tested there might have been higher winds at the altitude i was testing at - which might have masked it)

am I correct in saying, the intended operation is
Large - the drone automatically puts in a large amount of mix (so you could almost just use roll?))
Small - still adds a bit of mix, but not as much as large, encouraging you to start doing your own co-ordinated turns.
Disabled - drone does not mix, so for you have perform co-ordinated turns yourself.

does this mixing only happening, when you have a certain forward momentum?

so... kind of a training, as you get better you should go Large->Small->Disabled.    - correct?
I want to do the co-ordinated turns myself, to help prep myself for manual - so should disable - correct?

does N mode use any co-ordinated turns automatically - as this option is S mode only.

Is there a manual for the DJI FPV? last time I looked in the go fly apps, it said coming soon... are they online somewhere?

thanks for any enlightment you can provide

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Essentially yes, it mixes in roll so the aircraft will co-ordinate the turns for you, if you are already proficient at co-ordinated turns you might not notice it.
The mnual is available for down load from the page,
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