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Android location for downloaded pictures?
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HELP! I am running DJI FLY APP (version 1.2.1) on a Samsung S9 (Android 10 OS, no SD card).  The FLY APP runs fine, I can see the photos Iv'e taken with my MA2, I can download the photos to the phone using the "Album" feature of the App.  They appear just fine in the "Gallery" app on the android as well, so I know they are somewhere on the phone.  The issue is when I connect the phone to a W10 windows PC, I search all folders on the phone that say "Photos", "Camera", "downloads" and I cant seem to locate where the FLY APP locates the photos in the phones memory?  I am not using a SD card in the phone, only the phones internal memory.  The photos are there, but what is the actual map to pull them to my PC?  

Thanks for helping out a Newbie!
3-18 10:11
Use props
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