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Osmo Pocket 3 Feature Request
827 3 2021-3-23
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United States

Dear DJI,

I'm loving your Osmo Pocket 2. Here's some feature requests to consider for your next version (you would quadruple your sales I'm sure ;)...

1. 10 bit 4K video quality
2. 16+ stops of dynamic range ;p
3. Ability for camera mimic movement of phone via the app in the same way we can control the DJI RS 2 Gimbal with the phone app.
4. Smoother stops when tilting or panning come to a stop when using the arrows in the app; It would be useful to have speed options control.

It's my first time posting so not sure if this is appropriate to post this here.
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United Kingdom

+1 great idea.   
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DJI Stephen
DJI team

Hello there Victorfilm. Good day and thank you for this request. I will forward these information and this thread to the designated DJI department for further attention. All significant suggestions or requests will be implemented after the evaluation of the DJI Engineers. For the latest DJI updates please stay tuned to our DJI official website at Thank you for your valued support.
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Kittikun Jitpairod


I have face tracking feature of Osmo Pocket 3 to request. In the latest firmware, after the face tracking feature is activated, there will be green box around my face. Then the camera will track every movement even some small movements. I think it is too good and make the video feel dizzy. I would like to have something, may be called hybrid tracking. The behavior is when activate tracking, camera start to track my face but the camera will start to move only if my face move outside certain bounding box or outside the camera frame. This would be great.
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