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Unit tests & Simulator
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I am new to robotic and to Robomaster EP, please bear with me if I am asking silly questions.

I am still discovering the technology, but I already have a few questions and would be grateful for any feedback you could provide.

I am able to use the Python SDK to control the RoboMaster EP Core: Chassis, Arm, and Gripper.

However, in order to go further witting code, I would like to know if there are good practices for writing unit tests and more generally testing my code.
To be clear, I know how to write python test cases, but what I do not know is how to efficiently test with the RoboMaster SDK.
My understanding is that I would need some kind of "simulator" so I can test my code without interactively running with a real robot.

When researching this topic, the main hit seems to be: ROS + gazebo.
I found some examples of RoboMaster related drivers for ROS as well as some modelization files (stl and urdf): but all I found seems more related to the RoboMaster competition than the RoboMaster EP hardware (i.e. RoboRTS)

Thanks for any help or advice you can provide!


3-25 09:57
Use props
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If you just want to test your code and you do not care about correctness in the SDK itself (which might very well be the case), I would simply mock all the calls to the SDK. This might help:
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Use props
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