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"Phantom connection broken"
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Hi all
First of all, please excuse me, because i am completely new to this thing.
I am trying to help a friend.
He got a DJI Phantom 2 as a gift and it seems that there are some problems with it.
More exactly, we cannot get any image from the camera.
Phantom gives the error "Phantom connection broken", although everything seems to be connected fine.
I am connected to the Phantom's Wi-fi
Somewehere i read that upgrading the camera's firmware may help. I tried that but even though the upgrade procedure was successful, nothing changed.
If i connect the air unit to the DJI Assistant on PC, it tells me that "All status OK, No need to upgrade!"
I can hear the gimbal working all the time and is pressing the camera completely downwards, in a really strange position.
I can start the Phantom and probably i could fly it, but is useless without having control on it.
If i connect the remote controller (PVT581) to the computer, it recognises it as a serial port (COM7) . Is that normal?
I can answer any questions, but not sure what other details to give at this moment.
Please help me to start this bird.

Best regards,
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United States

I had the exact same problem.  Searched for ever.  To find a solution.  Had to have the NAND re-flashed getting it back tomorrow.  My drone was flying perfectly fine stored it for about a year when I went to use it again no video.  Once you get to the link he’s got a video of how you take the parts out and mail them to him it’s  super simple.  There’s a “click here” at the bottom that once you verify your not a robot you can send him an email.
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Mark The Droner
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United States

One of the big problems people have these days with the P2V series is using a mobile device that can communicate with the outdated tech of the P2 series.  In most cases, you need an old mobile device such as the Nvidia Shield K1.  Since you can see "Phantom Connection Broken," I assume your mobile device and app are working well.

"Phantom Connection Broken" is the message you would get if your Phantom is not binded to the range extender.   That means there is no connection between the Phantom and the Range Extender.  Don't confuse this with your app telling you you're connected to "Phantomxxxx" because that's the signal coming from your Range Extender to the mobile device which is a different signal - a different connection.  Typically your mobile device will show a connection to "Phantomxxxx" for a short while, like 30 secs, then cut out and you'll lose that connection.  The RE is designed to turn that signal off when the RE doesn't sense a MAC address it recognizes coming from the aircraft.  The fix is to get the MAC address from the wifi module inside the AC because you need it to bind the RE to the Phantom.  If you have a Phantom 2 Vision+, you can find it on a label adhered to the wifi module inside the AC.  If you have a straight Vision, you may find it on a label adhered to the egg, but otherwise you'll have to use a wifi spectrum analyzer which will show you the address.  You can download one for free.  The MAC starts with 60601F......  Do this with the RE off, otherwise you'll see two signals with 60601F......  Write down the MAC address.  Then use the Phantom 2 Vision[+] app to bind the aircraft with the RE.  See your manual or better yet, find a vid on youtube to help you do that.  You'll have to poke in the MAC address.  Once that's done, you should have a working app screen.   That means you'll have telemetry displayed, battery info displayed, etc.  However, it's unlikely you'll have FPV because it stops working if it's been ignored for a while.  It might be working, but probably not.  So you'll see your app but it'll have a black screen where the FPV should be.  That can be fixed, but first you should concentrate on binding.

The downwards facing camera - it's probably facing down 45 degrees on start up, right?  The fix for that is to go into the DJI Assistant and indicate you have an upgraded controller.  That's the one with the dial on the left side.  Doesn't matter if you have one or not.  Pretend you do.  If you do that, the camera will magically face straight forward on start up.

Keep us posted.

Good luck
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