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RTH not working very well
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Flight distance : 1630814 ft
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United States

I own 2 drones both are the DJI Mavic 2 Pro Hassleblad.  I am having problems with one of them.  When I select the return to home option. It comes back but no where close to the place it took off.  I have to cancel the RTH and fly it back manually to land.
Also when I am flying. When I take my thumbs off the controller to hover in place.  This drone does not stay steady or hover in place. It drifts away with an avergage speed of 5  to 7 mph. As long as I am flying the drone with my thumbs on the sticks. Everything is fine. When I take my hands off the controller. It flys on its own slowly in one direction.  Same issue when I select RTH. Its gets near me but no where close to where the drone took off.  

I also noticed when I selected the RTH option. The drone was drifting away as it was landing. It was not staying still as it comes down.

Here is a link to my flight log today >

Appreciate any assistance for those who are far more technical them I am.

David H.
Plano Texas
4-3 18:49
Use props
Flight distance : 9991457 ft

You initiated RTH at 13:02.1 and it appears to have worked normally and brought the Mavic back from 1362 feet away and brought it back to directly above the home point at 13:49.1.
The issue you are concerned about shows up in the autolanding after that.

There appears to be a problem with your controller.
Much of the time the recorded data indicates your right joystick is being pushed a little to the left when it should be centred.
You can see this in the indicated joystick positions here:
Look at the period after 13:49.

This is what you noticed affecting your autolanding after RTH, but it was also affecting the rest of your flight much of the time.

You need to recalibrate the controller to fix this issue.
4-3 19:44
Use props
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