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RS2 Active Track Unusable - DOES NOT WORK?
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South Africa

Hi All,

I'm having a terrible time trying to get Raveneye + Active Track to do just basic movements and tracking:

1) I've followed all setup guides and tutorials
2) The gimbal is attached to a tripod for stability
3) Using the app, I select a box around myself to test Active Track and take a small step to the side
4) IMMEDIATELY, the gimbal begins bouncing from side to side until it loses tracking
5) I repeat this and it does the same over and over again.


6) I then focus on a stationary object (without the app) and see what it does
7) If the object is not in the middle of the frame, it begins to bounce until tracking is lost
8) If attempts to change framing while tracking is enabled, it bounces until tracking is lost


Sensitivity Tested at 4; 8; 13; 18; 22


a) Is this user error?
b) Is this a Raven Eye problem?c) Why is the latency so bad?

Thank you for your time and help.

4-4 02:14
Use props
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