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Mavic issues or defect?
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I am a new drone owner and purchased a Mavic 2 pro. I am having some issues that I do not believe are correct and wanted some opinions if this drone if faulty or if they are idiocincracies of the Mavic. Here are the issues I have noticed so far.
1.    Some of the Quickshot functions do not perform correctly, (e.g. with Boomerang the camera does not stay pointed at the subject for the entire process. About 1/3 of the way thru the camera swings away then back againg)  This is repeatable and I can show you a video of what the aircraft is doing.
2.    Waypoints program function does not always work correctly. It wont allow me to edit the points. I correct this by exiting the app then starting it back up.
3.  Waypoints function does not appear to work correctly regarding position of camera on point of interest.
4.    Tap to Fly does not always work. I can exit Tap to fly mode then re-enter Tap to fly to get it to work. I think this is a repeatable problem.
5.    Return to home does not always function properly. Rather than Return to Home, it tries to land in it’s current location. This is an intermittent problem.

This is a brand new drone and so far I have not experience any damage but if this is a defective drone, I need to get if replaced/fixed. Any thoughts?


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Sounds like a good reason just to return it for a replacement.
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Those are definitely not normal.  I'd return it ASAP and get a refund or try a replacement.  If you go for a replacement make sure the box is sealed.
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