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Problem with Multiple Authorization Zone Unlocks
408 1 2021-4-14
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Flight distance : 810 ft

I rather unfortunately live in an Authorization Zone (local airport AZ covers a couple of towns) so I have to do the self-unlocking every time I fly. Up until now I used to do it every 3 days,  then I thought why not do it for an extended period in advance, as according to the self authorization page you can schedule up to 3 months (30 plans of 3 days each). I confirmed 7 new consecutive plans then hooked up the drone. The Fly app showed all 8 plans, including the active one I aready had; but it would not import any to the aircarft (it would just say import failed without stating the cause).

For some reason all the future dated plans show as "expired" and even if I only sellect the current one (which shows as "valid") it still won't import. The only way I could import the current valid plan was to delete all the future ones.

So am I doing something wrong or is Mini 2 not allowed to have multipe unlock plans? And if so, why does the self-unlock page and the fly app let you have them?

UPDATE: I tried adding only a single future plan, and it worked; both the current and the future unlock was imported to the aircraft (even though the future one still shows as "expired") . I guess Mini2 has a limit on how many unlocks it can hold. I will try to find the exact number...
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Hello there CemAygun. I am sorry for the trouble this has caused and thank you for reaching out. For us to be able to assist you with regards to this matter. Kindly please send an email to our DJI flysafe department at for us to be able to assist you further. Thank you.
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