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How to get multi video streams from H20T simultaneously
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Looking at a new application using M300, H20T, Mobile SDK and wanitng to implement somthing similiar to the Split screen mode that is avaiable in DJI pilot, where you can have both the thermal video stream and RBG (Zoom camera) video streams being shown simulatensouly.
I have been setting the  ocuSynclink as
ocuSyncLink.assignSourceToPrimaryChannel(PhysicalSource.LEFT_CAM, PhysicalSource.LEFT_CAM, new CommonCallbacks.CompletionCallback() {
to set the video source for both primary and secondary to the h20T which is in the left cam position, however and can't seem to figure out how to set the CameraVideoStreamSource to different values for both the primary and secondary video streams, to set one to ZOOM and the other to INFRARED_THERMAL

Any help or examples would be appreciated.

4-15 18:35
Use props
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