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Switching Advanced Dual Operator Mode using DJI Mobile SDK
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Raj Kumar Singh


Is it possible to switch/transfer the control of M300 drone from remote controller A to another remote controller B using DJI Mobile SDK. If it is possible how?
I know it can be done using DJI Go App in remote control settings by choosing channel A for remote controller A and Channel B for remote controller B.

I have looked into DJI Mobile SDK API Documentation on the DJI website where I could find some APIs switching of Master and Slave roles of RCs. This is not what I want. I am looking for switching the Advanced Dual Operator Mode. I am using DJI M300 Drone and working in Android Mobile SDK.

Following video shows advanced dual operator mode switching using DJI Go App.

Any Help/Suggestions/views are highly valuable for me.

Fly Safe
4-16 02:19
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Second Officer
United States

It's a shame DJI cant port code that is working and existing over from pilot to the SDK!
4-20 17:15
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Mats Bohlinsson
Second Officer
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SetSearchMode might be what you looking for. It's a long shot, but worth a try.
4-21 13:45
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