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Ronin RSC2 + Raveneye Camera Control Issues (ISO/Aperture/Shutter)
149 0 4-18 01:26
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Hi All,

Second post today regarding my new combo of the RSC2, Raveneye and the Sony A6400.
First of all: Raveneye works 99% as it should so I'm already pretty happy with it
BUT: I don't have any controls over the ISO/Aperture/Shutter.

All camera settings should be as they're supposed to, watched multiple tutorials on this aleady.
Same for the cables, everything is working except those control features.
I did pay extra attention to the Camera Control Cable as I found people having issues using the "normal" USB-C to USB Micro" instead of the "USB-C to Sony Multi" one...!

The firmware is up to date on the camera, gimbal and Raveneye itself...!

I've made a Video to better show the issue:

Thanks for any help with this :-)
4-18 01:26
Use props
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