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AIR 2S Care-Refresh renewal Question
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If I purchase a 1 YEAR CARE-REFRESH for my DJI Air 2S that I should have this week will I be able to purchase a 2nd year "renewal" when it expires or do I need to purchase 2 YEARS at the same time ?  I know I was able to renew on my Mavic Platinum Pro after year 1 but do not see a 2nd year renewal option listed in you store but I do see a 2 year up front option. Trying to avoid laying out more $$$$ than necessary right now if I can avoid it.   

Thank You

4-18 14:54
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1-Year Plan is USD $99
Refresh+ Plan is $89 (On top of 1-Year Plan cost) The catch is that in order to buy this you have to have at least 1 replacements left in your 1-Year Plan, and it cannot be used for the 2-Year Plan).
1-Year Plan plus Refresh+ Plan is 188 USD for 2 years.
But if you are sure to get 2 years, try the 2-Year Plan which is USD $169
You save 19 USD
1-Year: ... ?from=menu_products
Refresh+: ... ?from=menu_products
2-Years: ... ?from=menu_products

Hope it helps!
4-18 21:15
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