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P-4 RTH- and Rotate drone while returning home
304 0 4-20 17:33
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Flight distance : 1583120 ft
United States

Hi!  I just got a Phantom 4 (refurbished)   all is fine, but a little step up from a Phantom 3 Pro.     I while flying my P3-P would fly it out a good distance and either by loss of signal or just pressing RTH button then it would turn around facing home and begin flying back to the take-off point, however I frequently will rotate the drone 180 degrees and be flying backwards filming where I'd just been and in reverse, then gradually spin it on around facing the direction home.   So far now on my P4 I cannot do that, it's like the control is frozen and will not let me turn the drone around, (No more than a few inches )..not while it's in the Returning To Home ....... How do I set it so I can do this ?
Thank you Kevin G
4-20 17:33
Use props
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