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Extract XYZ drone coordinates to Unity
593 0 2021-4-25
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Hi everyone,
I'm currently working on a simulation project using a Mavic Mini and the Mobile SDK to track the current location of the drone in Unity.
So far, I've done the TCP connection between the Unity environment and the Android Application. My next step is to extract the coordinates of the drone and transform them into the Unity coordinates
What I've tried is to use the FlightControllerState to get the XYZ velocity:
mFlightController = aircraft.getFlightController(); or
mState = aircraft.getFlightController().getState();
However, both of the methods give me the 0 and NaN value when I tried to access the velocity value
mState.getVelocityX(); equal 0 if I use aircraft.getFlightController() and equal NaN with mState = aircraft.getFlightController().getState();
Have anybody tried to do this before, please give me some idea on how to solve this problems
Really appreciate your helpThank you

Use props
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