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Mavic Mini suddently landed without giving command
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Hi all,

I've been flying this drone for some time, no more than 8km on board. Never crashed or damaged. Never had any issues with it. Today, it landed automatically, without giving a command. As can be seen on the flight data logs, the command was to get altitude. The drone landed in the snow.
Conditions: approx 1800m altitude
Temperature: approx 10-12 degrees Celcius
Weather: Sunny
Wind: slow, with some small gushes
Battery: More than 50% when it self-landed
Latest firmwares and everything.
iPhone 11 Pro (if it makes any difference)
Earlier today, I had a message that one of the motors was spinning faster. No error at the time of this specific flight.

What if I was flying it on the edge of a mountain or above an ocean/water. I could have lost it. And for insurance, the drone must be sent back. DJI - please reply and fix this asap.

Flight Data Log attached.

Thank you,


996.56 KB, Down times: 2

4-25 10:38
Use props
DJI Diana
Flight distance : 2408 ft


Hi there Ionut. We're sorry for the trouble during the flight. If your drone is within the warranty period and you are able to send it back to a repair center, data analysis can be applied to determine its cause. We highly recommend contacting our Product Support in creating a case ticket. Thank you for your patience.
4-25 16:11
Use props
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