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Rotate OSMO Mobile using SDK
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I was able to connect Osmo mobile with my application however I m trying to move Osmo mobile using DJI SDK

I'm trying to achieve the functionality to Move the OSMO Mobile in all directions on swipe on the video preview view.
Tried few options but none of them seems can anyone help me to find the method to rotate the gimbal using DJI SDK

4-28 09:30
Use props

United States

I'm going down the same journey at the moment.  I wish there were more examples to follow, especially for the OSMO mobile line.  
First thing to try is to get the samplecode running.  I was able to get some success w/ my Osmo Mobile 2 (it gets the gimbal position via "PushGimbalDataView") but not with my Osmo Mobile 3.  Neither moves, however, using "MoveGimbalWithSpeedView".  

Follow instructions here:
The code is here:

A lot more people are using the whole drone where gimbal is only the subsystem, so searching for that might be more fruitful.
E.g. ... 9115&extra=page%3D1

More support avenues:

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Use props
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