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Inspire 1 Repair thanks to DJI Chiana customer support
1873 7 2015-7-17
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Turks and Caicos Islands

Last day in May I crashed my Inspire 1 and here is the video.

After messaging DJI support china and USA I got replied back from both. The support from USA insisted to send it to the service center which for me is too expensive and lots of paperwork for export and import.

The good news is that China support agreed to help me and ask for the picture of the damage. After they checked the picture they agreed to send me the carbon fiber arm to repair it. I asked for the right arm. They sent it at cost of $55 including the shipping. All together took about a month to receive it on the island I live.

This is the leg I received
Wrong Carrbon Fiber Arm.jpg

Here is the damage to my Inspire:
Broken CF arm.jpg
I setup my working desk to take apart the defective arm and I marked the position of the legs with a marker.
Mark Legs position.jpg

I took the arm apart:
Left Side Arm taken Apart.jpg

And when to install the new arm I realized that is the wrong one:
Wrong Arm.jpg

I contact DJI support again and they told me that the arm I need is the left. Initially I thought you determine the left and right with the drone facing forward but they told me the drone has to face you.
They agree to send me the left arm and I asked if I can have two and they sent me two. Now I have a spare of each for future repairs
Now after 2 weeks I received two new left arms and yesterday I continued with the repair:
Inspire before arm installation.jpg
New Arm Installation 1.jpg
There are few improvements to the arms they sent, one of them is a hole for antenna and esc board wires:
Difference between ver B and D.jpg
New Hole for antena and esc board wires.jpg

Now the repair is complete:
Arm assembled.jpg
Ready To Fly.jpg

Couple hours ago I test the inspire and flies like new
Flying Again.jpg

This is my happy story and I hope you enjoy it
I forgot to mention that I bought a second Inspire to cope with my withdrawal symptoms while I was waiting for the parts.

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United States

Lucky you!  9 weeks and I'm still struggling with getting mine fixed correctly.  Just shipped mine back for the second time trying to get the repairs done correctly.
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Dominican Republic

Nicely Done, you're very lucky, first case i see they send the parts, hope you could keep flying for a very long time, regards!!
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nice to see your bird in the sky again!
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United States

Very good to see you up and flying again.
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I had an incident with my bird and snapped the right hand boom. I contacted DJI in China and asked if they would be willing to supply me with a replacement and would repair it myself, as I was somewhat reluctant to send it to them to do. They were obliging and informed me that they would authorise my local dealer who would in turn supply me with a repayment and I would replace it myself.
I’m in Australia and I have been waiting since the 21st April.                                                                                
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United Kingdom

Had my Inspire about a month and after a low level crash the left arm has snapped I'm now grounded as an ex engineer with lots of experience I thought I'd try and source the part and replace.... Good Idea however this seems to be impossible. I brought this product for a small venture and now I'm thinking about alternative 'camera  platforms', I can't risk this sort of down time with projects in future!! My only option is to try and create an internal splint with Carbon Fibre!!

Come on DJi get yourselves sorted, I was looking forward to my Inspire adventures and even considered the new X5R camera... But NOT if I can't source parts!!

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Pretty good service.
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