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DJI RS2 Combo and RavenEye Audio
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I've been using the DJI Ronin RS2 Combo which includes the RavenEye wireless image transmission system with my Canon R5.  I am super happy with the setup, however I have one issue I am trying to work around.  

The RavenEye does not appear to be transmitting HDMI audio to my iPhone when using the Ronin app under the cached videos.  When searching the web, I cannot determine if this is a limitation of the RavenEye or if there's an issue with my particular unit.  I have attempted using an external monitor and can verify that Canon R5 is sending audio to HDMI.  

Does anyone know if the RavenEye transmits audio?

The main issue I am having is that without audio, I can't check audio quality between takes, and I have to disconnect or power off the RavenEye to get my camera to play audio to my headset.  This slows down my workflow.  Having audio would make the RS2 combo an incredible match with my Canon R5 and iPhone.

Thanks in advance for your help!

5-5 06:07
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United States

I'm experiencing the same issue, only with a Canon 80D.  I've scoured the documentation and have found nothing.
5-10 20:26
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I've just tested the audio side of things with an R5 and iPhone and can't hear any audio being transmitted to the Ronin app. So wondering if the product name "Image Transmission System" is literal .... did DJI forget to do an audio transmission system as well? Hoping that the hardware does support this but like everybody else here, there's no reference to audio in the specs at all.

It is very clumsy not being able to preview audio, especially since once the R5 is connected to HDMI, the camera only seems to route the audio over HDMI. There isn't an override to route the audio to headphones on the camera if HDMI is connected.

The Ronin app needs to relay the audio stream as well as the video stream (in sync of course) - this is when you are using the camera playback system and playing content from the Play button menu.

The hint that audio is routed over HDMI is that it doesn't show the onscreen audio volume control.

The work around is pulling out the plug.

Whilst you can download the file with the Ronin app "play button" on the bottom right, the downloaded file also seems to be silent.

Can somebody officially comment about whether the hardware supports audio?

This is a feature request to Engineering to implement audio stream playback over HDMI.
7-12 01:03
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