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Matrice 300 RTK Improvements please
1844 2 2021-5-5
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Hello DJI,
       i own and operate 4 other DJI platforms aside from the M300. All of them have the ability to adjust the sensitivity and gain within the RC to acheive best flight performance for the task. to say the M300 is abrupt in stopping is an understatement and it cant be good for the gimbals to work that hard that fast all the time. The sport, normal, and Tripod mode are good but tailoring aircraft response can be pretty critical in alot of commercial work. Not only that, but it is nice to have some consistency across the fleet of aircraft in the way they respond to control inputs.

   When conducting a mapping flight, so far i have not been able to turn off the camera shutter sound without turning down the volume of everything else. i still want to be notified of changes in flight but i just cant listen to the shutter sound for 45 min non stop. if there is a workaround for this i would love to know.

the P4RTK has a great ability that you cannot do with the M300. you can stop the current mapping mission with the aircraft airborne and change to another without landing. or, pause and hover, edit then send to start without landing. the M300 has to be on the ground with the rotors stopped before it will accept a new mission upload.

no continuous autofocus during mapping with the P1. Not sure why this is but im a very experienced photographer and finding that the two methods it gives for focusing during flight miss the mark by a little. sometimes its more important than others but slowing airspeed and continuous autofocus on some projects is very helpful.

lastly, i think i speak for everyone when i say where in the world is the zenmuse L1 and what is causing the delays? you can call multiple enterprise dealers and get multiple answers but no one really knows. There are alot of commercial operators out there that have already pre ordered or made arrangements to do so but have found no information on DJI website, and no press releases concerning a ship date. we would appreciate it if there was an update.  thanks
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You might be better off posting your question in the 'products' section of this forum.
That is way more active.
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I share your frustrations.
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