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Video Editor Templates export ONLY in 720
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I have recently purchased a Air 2s ... this is my 5th drone that I own.

I love the drone, but i have to say i am very disapointed with DJI once again in advertising featured that are not as advertised and have extreme limitations. Today i took the drone out for its first flight and i was excited to try the new feature "master shots", I attempted this feature 3 times and it failed on all 3.

I decided to take the footage that was transmitted to my phone and create the master shot manually with the clips i had.

Here is my problem and why i am upset! The footage i shot on the drone was being shot with 4k at 30 FPS...., I undertand the video transmitted back to my phane and cached is in 1080 and even if i was successful in creating a automated master shot video, it would have also been in 1080 because the app automatically defaults the resolution to 1080.
So i go into the FLY APP and then ALBUM and then CREATE .... once there i have 2 options TEMPLATE or PRO. i choose Template which then asks to add the clips you want from your album (which are all in 1080), then you choose a template from the right hand side and it automatically gives you a short little 18 second video with the transitions and music. Once i did that, you only have the ability to click done and it exports the video back into to your album.

Guys! the video exports in a 720 resolution!!!!!!! i couldnt believe it! it was blurry and looks absolutly terrible. i checked and double checked and made multiple videos and all of them the same 720!!!!

I have a samsung s10 plus and running the app 1.4.0, so i checked to see if there was any update.... everything was good. Then i meet with my friend that has the same drone but uses an iphone, also on app 1.4.0

Guess what.... when he follows the same steps and chooses his template he is greeted with an editing screen resembling the PRO editing screen where is has many more options including changing the video format to 16:9, 4:3 and so on. Interstingly as soon as he hits done and it goes to export he gets a window that asks 720 or 1080 and after choosing 1080, his video is sharper and more detailed then any of mine

So again for android users, you buy a $1500 drone that shoots in 5.4k, i reduced it in the settings to 4k 30FPS just to keep it consistant with my other gear and then to create a "Master Shot" this is what happens......your in 4k 30fps - go to master shot - app defaults videos recording to 1080 - video gets compressed to 1080 on your phone - then when using the Template and you finalize the video the app exports it again to a 720 video

The FLY  app has no setting while in the template editor or options for video size and resolution to export so your final product is terrible and not worth sharing!

Now i do have the PRO option on my FLY app... but if i choose pro, i have to manually pick my clips and edit everything manually and CANNOT apply or use any template, but i am able to export the final product in 1080
If i choose the TEMPLATE option it creates the video automatially for me and i have very limited editing options but i CANNOT change screen size or resolution at exporting and its defaulted to 720

DJI common!!!! this is not good, and not at all what you advertised this feature to be! it seems like the more i use it the more limitations i see for things with the automation and most is not even shared or mentions on your webpage for the Air 2s!

My question:
1. Is there plans to fix this for android users? - options in TEMPLATE video editor to export in 1080?.. change screen size??
2. Any plans to update the app to allow MASTER SHOTS to be recorded in 4k atleast on the drone to be used for editing with the rest of the footage?????
3. The details for the videos in the ALBUM are very useless on the android while on the apple app they can see information like res, fps, date , etc...will this be added for Android?

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I have the some problem with my Mini 2. I have a iPhone Xs running on iOS  14.2.2. I’m really happy with the drone and all it’s features. But it’s very disappointing that the easy-to-use temples reduces video quality to 720. I hope this gets fixed
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