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360 panorama?
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South Africa

Hey guys & gals. First-off I would like to state I have a mini 1.  I can take 15 photos, turning my drone in 360 degrees, stitch them and make them into an interactive 360 photo, but how do I include the bottom and sky bit? Do I take more photos and stitch them as well? Do I take 1;2;3 from top to bottom or 1-15 bottom 1-15middle and 1-15 top? I hope you can pick up what I'm putting down..
I know there are 3rd party apps that can do this, but I want to be able to manually...
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Use props
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United Kingdom

You'll be limited about the sky as the gimbal cannot look directly up.   I like to take shots starting at -90 and increasing the gimbal by 10 degrees,  then I rotate a little and repeat.   
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Use props
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