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Sim for Android
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SnowSkier Pilot

I know this subject has been discussed a lot in this forum but the real question is, will DJI let us try in Android in the nearest future or that will never happen?
5-9 13:19
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DJI Stephen
Super Moderator


Hello there SnowSkier Pilot. Good day and thank you for the inquiry. As of the moment the Android version of the DJI Virtual Flight application is not yet under development and this matter has already been forwarded to the designated DJI department for attention. After the evaluation of our DJI engineers, all significant suggestions or requests will be implemented by DJI. For the latest DJI updates please stay tuned to our DJI official website at Thank you.
5-9 21:16
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United States

I'm not sure if it's a language barrier, corporate barrier, or what for that matter, but a clear and direct answer from DJI would be appreciated. WHEN IS THE VIRTUAL FLIGHT SIMULATOR GOING TO BE AVAILABLE ON ANDROID. I WOULD LIKE VERY MUCH TO PRACTICE FLYING MY $2,000 TOY??? PLEASE AND THANK YOU.
5-12 15:21
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United States

This is one of the reasons why I wasn’t going to buy this FPV. I wanted to learn and practice in a sim using the DJI controllers and goggles that it came with.

I didn’t want to go ahead and purchase a new phone just use this drone. But after watching many reviews I just needed to buy it so I went ahead and purchased an iPhone.Which I bought the iPhone 8 and it works great with all DJI apps. It doesn’t give me any problems, all apps work flawlessly and fast.

So I use my regular android phone I had for daily use and iPhone just for flying the FPV. Is sad that I had to waist another $200 on it. Regardless of the fact I couldn’t use my android phone because it was not a 64bit phone which DJI Fly and DJI simulator requires it to use there apps for this.

DJI needs to create apps the work with 32bit using android OS.
5-12 22:47
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