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Issues with EXIF date tags in FPV still images
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On DJI FPV drone, it seems that the commonly used "Create Date" & "Date Time Original" EXIF tags are implemented improperly. I usually use either Lightroom or XnView to rename my files to something more usable than DJI001234.jpg, like "MyVacation 2021-04-15_09-15-36.jpg". With the still pictures from the FPV, I get a single erroneous result "3921-01-00 00-00-00".

I was able to rename my files properly using exiftool ( command line: exiftool.exe -CreateDate "-filename<CreateDate" -d "MyVacation %Y%m%d_%H%M%S_xxx.%%le" -ext jpg "./"

which renamed the files correctly. (Btw, this simple command line can be used to rename video files too, simply replace -ext jpg with -ext mp4)

I don't have any issues with files from my Mini 2, Mavic Pro or Osmo Pocket.

The good news is that the timestamp of both photos & videos are consistent. On the Osmo Pocket (1), videos are timestamped using UTC (GMT), whereas photos are timestamped according to the timezone. Annoying & requires an extra step to shift the date on the videos: exiftool.exe -CreateDate-=4 -ext mp4 "./" (+=XX or -=XX, XX being the numbers of hours to shift)

5-12 09:26
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