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How To Use RSC2 + Raveneye for Live Streaming
5012 1 2021-5-13
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Hey everyone. Here are two methods that I use to stream video from my DSLR camera to my computer using my RSC2 gimbal, Raveneye, and the Ronin app. I'm a fitness trainer who conducts online workouts, and I was looking for a solution where my camera tracks my movements while I switch positions between standing and ground-based exercises. It's not an optimal solution, but it definitely works.

In my setup I use:

- Canon M6 mk2 mirrorless DSLR (any compatible DSLR will work)
- RSC2 Gimbal
- Raveneye
- Ronin App (iPhone 12 Pro Max in my case, but should technically work with Android devices)
- Method 1: Ecamm Live (for streaming to Facebook, YouTube, Zoom, Twitch, or other streaming services)
- Method 2: Zoom

1. I hooked up my new RSC2 + Raveneye to my Canon M6 mk2 mirrorless DSLR (it works FLAWLESSLY, by the way).

2. I hooked my iPhone 12 Pro Max up to my MacBook Pro with a USB-C -> Lightning Cable. I launched the DJI Ronin app and turned on Active Tracking.

Method 1:
Open Ecamm Live and create a Scene using the iPhone as a video source (Camera -> iPhone). This is awesome because you can also add overlays, lower thirds, and other stuff to the picture very easily. I can also live stream to Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube at the same time. I haven't tried this with OBS or other video broadcast software, since I'm a Mac user and find Ecamm Live MUCH easier to use than OBS. I do believe it's possible in OBS to use a compatible mobile device as a video source.

Method 2: I launched Zoom and started a meeting. I then did a screen share of the iPhone in the Zoom meeting. Screen sharing of external devices only works in Zoom;
it's not possible to screen share external devices in Skype or Microsoft Teams, at least as far as I could see.

In both scenarios, you will be able to see the Ronin App through the iPhone on the desktop and use the gimbal + Raveneye as usual, including Force Mobile, Active Track, Joystick Mode, etc. The video feed from the iPhone is quite smooth with minimal lag time, and active tracking works like a charm. The only real issue: because I'm sharing the iPhone screen, all of the on-screen parameters of the Ronin app are visible in the call, including the green tracking box.
That being said; I can now use my camera to track my movements when I live stream my online fitness classes.

It's not pretty, but it works very well.

If there are no plans to make the Raveneye video signal available to desktop computers directly, Then I hope that DJI implements a "clean video output" setting in a future Ronin App update!

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Method 2 is awesome! Going to use this for remote client viewing, amazing! Great and without laptop.Thx for sharing
4-8 04:55
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