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Recommend Stick Settings
1010 1 2021-5-13
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Mark Blaide
Second Officer
Flight distance : 246014 ft
United States

I enjoy flying around in normal mode with the motion controller. Can someone recommend some stick settings for sport mode that lets me fly a little smoother? I think I at least need to increase the expo, right? Do I decrease the other stick settings to make the controls softer?


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First Officer
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United Kingdom

First of all the rates only have effect on the M mode at the moment, but if you do want to try it in M mode then Expo makes the sticks less sensitive around stick centre, so as you move the stick away from the centre point the rate will get faster and faster. If you want to slow and smooth things up more first try increasing the expo so the smaller centre moves become less jerky, but only a tiny bit at a time and then try it out before you change again so you can see the difference, and then maybe decreasing the rates a touch, if you google "fpv rates" there are loads of videos to give you a better understanding of rates so you can understand what and why.
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