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Bridge app - simulator - wifi connection
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United Kingdom


I have connected my application with the bridge app and attempted to run it within the simulator on assistant 2, nothing happens and upon checking the go app im told to unplug the wire as it cannot take off.  

Here are the steps i performed :

open bridge app

turn on controller

turn on aircraft

run My app

ALL connected ok

enter simulator.

Attempt to execute take off from my app - (within IOS simulator on Macbook).
Nothing happens.
Open my app on the ipad and attempt take off - (Ipad connected to remote)

i know the code works as i have activated a take off succesfully from the application, i need to simulate the movements and actions of the drone for testing. Please tell me what im doing wrong.

I only have my mac and ipad, i dont have a third device which is why im using wifi to debug which the documentation confirms as being a valid method.

5-21 04:31
Use props
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