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P-Mode (ATTI): Fying with no GPS
147 2 5-22 04:59
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Shannon Archer
Flight distance : 45515 ft
United States

There seems to be somehting wrong with my GPS.  I had a crash, and I thnk I got everything put back together, but I get no GPS connection at all.  Until I figure out what is wrong, how will my Phantom 3 standard fly if it is P-Mode (ATTI)?

Clearly, there will be no route tracking, and since it cannot find itself, there will be nothing available in the location operations.  But will the drone drift, or try to do anytihng on its own while in  P-Mode (ATTI)?  There have been times where I changed mode to A-Mode, and the drone seemed to be flying on its own, and drifting.  In face, this is what cause my crash as I am not that great of a controller.  If I keep it in P-mode (ATTI), after take off, whill it hover on its own?  WIll the flight contral be similar to P-mode GPS, just without any GPS functionality?

Bottom line is I want to use the drone for some campletely manually controlled flying before I take it apart to find out what is wrong with my GPS.
5-22 04:59
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DJI Thor
Flight distance : 13602 ft

Hi there, We are sorry to hear about the crash. P-ATTI: GPS is not available, the aircraft is using its barometer to maintain altitude. So the drone is easy to drift and hard to control under the P-ATTI. For more details, please refer to the user manual. If you want to repair it, you may send the drone to us and open a repair case. Please check it out by this link: Or contact our online support: Thanks and best regards.
5-22 20:17
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Either your GPS receiver is busted or it's not plugged into the mainboard properly.

Without GPS your drone won't have horizontal position holding ability.
It would drift horizontally with any wind and it won't have "brakes".
So you would need to be very careful if you fly it near any obstacles.
Out in the open where there's nothing to hit, it will fly just fine but having no brakes will take a little while to get used to.
5-23 21:11
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